Retail Marketing and Advertising

Get The Most From Your Retail Marketing & Advertising

Planning and implementing marketing plans for one retail store is challenging, but when you have locations in many areas, developing a strong marketing program demands an aggressive approach.

consumer marketing retail advertising florist shopOur company has experience handling advertising and marketing for a 500-plus retail chain.

We handled radio and television advertising, newspaper advertising, and direct mail promotions. We handle local advertising as well as regional and national media buys.

We also provided market research, including maps showing our client’s current customers’ locations. We also identified the most likely potential customers.

Here Are Some Key Retail Marketing Benefits We Offer As Your Marketing Partner®.

marketing iconRetail experience – John F. Bagwell has over 50 years of experience in retail advertising – particularly as it pertains to multiple store locations. Previous and current clients include rent-to-own chains, furniture stores, automotive dealerships, and financial institutions.

marketing iconKnowledge of the industry – Our agency actively participates in the Retail Advertising & Marketing Association (RAMA) and the American Marketing Association (AMA). Members of our staff attend conferences and seminars related to the retail industry.

Pizza Restaurant Circularmarketing iconKnowledge of individual markets – Our media buyers have placed advertising throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. Also, whenever possible, we negotiate media buys directly with television stations, radio stations, and newspapers in individual markets. This takes time but gives our clients the best value.

marketing iconManagement of an extensive direct mail and print program – For one of our recent clients, we handled the design, layout, custom photography, production, printing, planning, and distribution of over 30 million direct mail flyers. There were over 100 plate changes for local store locations and over 800 delivery destinations.

marketing iconExcellent customer service – Our media buyers and account staff can talk directly to store managers, regional managers, and corporate staff to tailor an advertising program that supports individual stores.

marketing iconStrong point-of-purchase support – We provide everything from posters and stock cards to banners and balloons and message-on-hold machines with a recorded message that changes as often as you like. We can even process your orders through our fulfillment center – shipping your stock items to individual stores on an as-needed basis.

We offer additional ways to use Internet Marketing for your business. For more ideas and resources on Marketing, visit the Marketing Resouces Blog.

We also handle a full range of marketing at Bagwell Marketing