Print Advertising

Newspaper, Magazine, and other Print Advertising

While many companies have turned to the Internet and other “digital advertising,” print advertising continues to have a place in marketing.

Bagwell Marketing handles a variety of print advertising for consumer and business-to-business clients.

Print advertising is advertisements printed in hard copy in publications (newspapers, magazines, journals) likely to be read by your target audience.

Print is Not Dead

Just like direct mail, print advertising is still alive and well.  That’s because print can be targeted both geographically and demographically.

Newspaper Print AdvertisingNewspaper Advertising

For many types of businesses, newspaper print advertising remains the most effective way of communicating your message.

While many newspapers have decreased circulation, the cost-per-reach often remains competitive.

Whether it’s a small black-and-white ad or a full-color, full-page layout, our graphic artists and designers will prepare an ad that gives you maximum exposure.

Many of our clients use neighborhood shopper publications and traditional paid newspapers.


Pizza Restaurant CircularMagazine Advertising

There are hundreds of consumer publications available for your target message. These allow you to target your message by demographics. You can select publications for teens, women, Hispanics, or virtually any group.

Numerous business-to-business publications can reach anyone from auto mechanics to zoologists. Whatever your audience, there is probably a publication perfect for your message.

Magazines provide information, inspiration, and creative ideas for readers. The information given to the reader may drive them to go out and visit the business or search online to find out more.