Outdoor Advertising and Marketing

Get Results With Outdoor Advertising

Sometimes called “Out of Home” advertising or “Billboard” advertising, Outdoor Media can get results for your business.

Bagwell Marketing handles a variety of advertising for consumer and business-to-business clients.

Outdoor Advertising and MarketingThe billboard shown above was for an attorney in Dallas, Texas, that specialized in defending people with traffic tickets.

By placing it strategically in locations on major highways where speed traps were known to exist, we could target just the suitable customer base for our client and send over 200 qualified candidates a day to his office.

Outdoor Advertising tends to work best for restaurants, gas stations, or other businesses close to where the billboard is located.

This way, it can drive traffic to a business when people need the service.

You can also use billboards and other out-of-home advertising for branding.

Since many billboards are located on highways where people can be traveling fast, you should limit your copy to 10 words at the most.

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