Marriage Mail

Remember The Days
Of Cheap Postage? They Are Still Here With Marriage Mail.

Although you may not be familiar with the term, you probably get shared mail (also called Marriage Mail) in your home. Almost 90 % of American households receive such a service -- usually every week. Delivered to mailboxes in most markets on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, grocery flyers are the major supporters of these programs.

Marriage Mail for 5 StarShared Mail or "Marriage Mail" Lets You Reduce Your Postage Cost.

Marriage Mail / Shared Mail is an inexpensive option that allows retailers and other local businesses to mail to almost any household at a fraction of the regular postage costs. With shared mail, your printed piece is packaged with those of other advertisers,--saving you on postage cost.  No mailing list needs to be purchased, and is grouped with other advertisers means that households look forward to the packet every week. You choose how often and which retail trade areas to target.

Using the most up to date demographic and lifestyle information, we help you select the best zip codes, and we do all the designing, printing, and distribution of your, promotion. Through the years, Bagwell Marketing has helped many of our clients using this program. We have handled projects from 20,000 pieces to over a million pieces a month for a client in the rent-to-own business.

Six out of 10 Shared Mail recipients report that their next shopping trip was affected by what their mailbox held. Retailers that provide hardware, clothing, rental goods, drugs, or other consumer products will find Shared Mail to be an effective advertising choice.

Marriage Mail - Shared MailMarriage Mail is only one option in our LocalMailMax℠ program. Read more or see additional options.

More Information -- See The Article In DeliverMagazine April 2011  on Marriage Mail

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ADVO /Valassis Marriage Mail -ShopWise -Red Plum Direct Mail

Bagwell Marketing works with all the providers of Marriage Mail Products. These include, but are not limited to: Valassis (formerly ADVO); Red Plum, and National MailIt. ShopWise is now Red Plum and is the most noted service, although this program is known by other names in smaller markets.

The Facts about a Marriage Mail Program

  • Reasonable rates -- You are sharing postage with other mailers.
  • You can target your community by zip code.
  • Some marriage mail providers will require the approval of copy in advance.
  • Your mail is addressed to a resident or occupant, and you must send it to an entire zip code (or a portion of a zip code).

Details on the Marriage Mail Program From Bagwell Marketing

  • You must print 20,000 Inserts (with the same copy) to qualify for this program.
    You do not have to mail 20,000 inserts at one time, but you do have to mail at least one zip code.
  • In some markets, you can select a portion of a zip code -- such as north, south, east, or west.
  • Bagwell Marketing handles all production, layout, design, and coordination.
  • Payment is required in two sections - one half upon execution of the contract and one half three weeks before the mailing.
  • A minimum of four weeks is required from approval of the layout and design for scheduling the insertion.
  • This service is not available in all areas. Distribution may be weekly, biweekly, or monthly in some markets.

The Mailing Piece

There are several formats available. The most common insert is an 8 1/2 by 11-inch piece with four color process on both sides -- plenty of room for a picture of your business, coupons, a map and sales copy. Other sizes are also available. Larger sizes are possible, including postcards.

Reach everyone in your neighborhood for a fraction of standard postage with Marriage Mail.

Find out if your neighborhood zip codes are included in this program.
Call 1-866-281-8830 or fill out the form below for more information.

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