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Direct Mail is often overlooked as an effective marketing channel for small and medium-sized enterprises. Direct Mail Offers significant advantages over e-mail, television, and publication advertising, especially for neighborhood businesses.

Back To School Direct Mail PieceDirect Mail can:

marketing iconBe read by more than 79% of recipients
marketing iconResult in more than twice as many purchases from the retailer as email
marketing iconProvide very competitive cost per conversion rates to other advertising strategies
marketing iconBe passed along by hand to other prospective customers
marketing iconBe retained for the future
marketing iconBuild an emotional connection with readers because the pieces are tangible and memorable

Direct Mail Works

A study conducted by marketing analysis firm Brand Science on behalf of Royal Mail found that combining direct Mail with other channels significantly increased campaign payback, sometimes by as much as 20 percent. They found that online and outdoor marketing channels achieve the highest rates of success when integrated with Direct Mail.

Another Brand Science study determined that direct Mail prompts almost 50% of consumers to visit a company’s website.

A second study by GI Insight found that nearly half of consumers will visit a company’s website because of the direct Mail they receive. For 18 to 24-year-olds, almost 53% of recipients will go to the website.

And now, new technologies make Direct Mail even less expensive and more manageable. (See our Direct Mail Case Studies section for direct mail ideas.)

Announcing LocalMailMax℠

Rent1st-direct mail-case-studies

Bagwell Marketing offers three direct mail options under our new LocalMailMax℠ program:

  • Shared (Marriage) Mail: Each advertiser’s piece is bundled with other advertisers and is scheduled to go out together. No specific addresses or permits are required, so no mailing lists must be purchased. This is the least expensive way to target a zipcode or a postal zone within a zip code and deliver it to every house. Recipients look forward to looking through the packet of advertisers for weekly specials. Because your Mail goes with others, you “share” the postage price. Read More About Shared Mail.
  • Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM): New from the U.S. Post Office – The LocalMailMax ℠ service augments the Every Door Direct Mail Program from the Post Office. We can now deliver postcards or folded mailers to people near a retailer by a postal carrier route. This is slightly more expensive than Marriage Mail but is perfect for more unique services, smaller quantities, or independent promotions. And you get the absolute lowest postage for an individual mail piece. There is no better way to target a local neighborhood than, Every Door Direct Mail. Read More about EDDM.
  • Customized Direct Mail: This is the right choice for direct mailings that need to be sent to specific recipients like groups of members, former clients, or well-targeted prospects. It relies on bulk Mail and is more unwieldy to manage, so costs are a bit higher, but it is the ideal choice for smaller quantities and more defined recipients. If you want to reach people with children, homeowners with pools, or business owners by title, this program is for you. Read more about customized Direct Mail.

We Do More Than Direct Mail – We’re a Direct Response Advertising Agency

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