Consumer Marketing and Advertising

Consumer Marketing and Advertising:

Reaching the Consumer Market Can Be A Challenge

Today, there are many ways to target consumers. Bagwell Marketing develops plans for all kinds of businesses.  to help them maximize your advertising dollars.

consumer marketing retail advertising florist shopThe Most Effective Advertising Is an Excellent Message In A Media That Targets Your Customer Base

“What you say in advertising is more important than how you say it.” Confessions of an Advertising Man by David Ogilvy

If your target audience is consumers, now is more important than ever for you to reach your potential customers and current customers in the most effective way possible.

The COVID-19 Crisis has changed retailing - probably forever  (See  Three Ways Retail Has Changed on the Marketing Resouce Blog).

Fortunately, there are many ways to reach consumers today and Bagwell Marketing can help you with all of them.

We have 50 years of experience in reaching consumers through a variety of media.

U.S. consumers spent over $12.5 trillion in 2017, nearly three times as much as the second largest consumer market. Are you getting your share of this market?

Here Are Some Of The Ways To Advertise Your Business Today

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Consumer Marketing and Advertising

We offer advertising, public relations, and marketing support for consumer marketing and advertising.

In addition to traditional advertising, we are experts in new media and direct response.

We offer additional ways to use Internet Marketing for your business. For more ideas and resources on Marketing, visit the Marketing Resouces Blog.

We also handle a full range of marketing at Bagwell Marketing

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Consumer Advertising is just one of our Advertising Services.  Find out more of what our Advertising Agency can do for your business.