Broadcast Advertising


Our Staff of Broadcast Advertising Experts Work With You to Tailor A Program To Reach Your Target Audience

Although we do traditional “branding” messages, our specialty is direct response advertising. Our radio and television ads are specially designed to make the phone ring.

Broadcast Advertising

Reach Your Customers Where They Live, Work or Play with the Power of Radio Advertising

Radio is a great way to target a specific demographic. We handle all production and can also place your advertising on the stations that will be the most effective for your message. With various formats, you can select a radio station with listeners more likely to purchase your productradio advertising works or service.
And now, we have expanded our radio services to include Internet radio such as Pandora Radio. This is a targeted service that can reach people by zip code with a radio ad and a banner ad that can drive customers directly to your website. Read more about Pandora Advertising.

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Put The Power of Television Advertising To Work For Your Business

television commercial

Producing great television commercials does not need to be a complicated procedure. Our goal is to deliver high-quality commercials that sell merchandise. From retail to banking, our commercials have appeared in almost all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

The frame on the right is from a public service announcement we produced to call attention to drunk driving.

This Commercial below was produced for our client, Rent 1st, to showcase a special $19.99 promotion.

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More About Our Advertising Services

Bagwell Marketing is a full-service Advertising Agency. We handle Broadcast, Print, Direct Mail, Internet, Outdoor, and more. We are specialists in Direct Response Advertising.

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